Just Call James inc



Call : 754-245-2069

Mail : Justcalljamesclm@gmail.com




Once again, James to the rescue. My yard is beautiful. A very happy customer!

The price was the most reasonable for the work to be done and I have never felt overcharged for any job. Yes, I feel confident to not only recommend him, I will only let him do any yard or tree work. He’s the best.

Susan Butler

Fantastic professional service!! very friendly, quick and efficient.
will definitely use again

Todd Frost

James did a excellent job pruning my mango trees! He was knowledgeable and did it correctly. He was very kind and polite. I WILL be using James again and I highly recommend!

Joyce Tilson

Had James and his crew remove the eureka palms behind our screen house. Excellent work, very professional and friendly, cleaned up after the work, beat other prices I had gotten for the work. James is very knowledgeable about trees and pruning them, will definitely use them again in the future.

Fred Finnerty

Great service, excellent price, expertise, professionalism & incredibly polite owner and crew!

Barbara Kivlan Bellani

James gave a fair price. In line with others so you know he’s legit. He and is crew were incredible. Dedicated professionals. On time. Cleaned up. Very hard workers. This is the guy to call for all your tree removal needs. I will contact him again for landscaping next.

Chris Cornell

We hired James to remove a huge ficus tree that overhung three other properties – not an easy job by any means. Not only was his pricing reasonable, but he was professional and reliable. His crew was fantastic and you can tell they take pride in their work. They cleaned up after themselves really well too. My experience working with James and his crew was exceptional. I would definitely hire him again for future projects.

Brittany Moorhead
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Over the last thirteen years I have poured my heart into what is now a fast-growing family owned and operated business. With dedication to our long-term goals and making sure our quality of work is consistent in every job opportunity found throughout our customers, we have shown our patients in our success by working long hours with early mornings and late nights.

We work hard to make sure our customers feel comfortable with us in every job we take on. And to meet all expectations of each individual customer so they are confident we will be there for any of their future needs.

We guarantee you will be provided with a quick and timely response from one of our JCJ associates that are easy to communicate with and efficient with all needs requested.

Each customer plays a huge roll in our success. We truly appreciate all your support, business, and loyalty for our company.   

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